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Originally Posted by fishmonger View Post
I would say he came in on the swing of a government very much opposed to UNREASONABLE rules and regulations as obstructions to business.

There are many things that a business would consider unreasonable in the statutes that Pruitt is supposed to be enforcing but their and Pruitt's opinion on what is reasonable is irrelevant.

Also, it's not a good look when you have zero transparency (this very topic being a prime a example) no matter what you're trying to do. I didn't follow closely, but I don't recall the same lack of transparency in Obama's EPA and they were also doing controversial things. Also, despite constantly falling back on the rule of law (it's practically their only defense) he's been slapped for not even following the proper rule of law procedures. Oh and by the way, under the "rule of law" he is allowed to regulate greenhouse gases. Wonder why he doesn't.

There are many things to suggest that Pruitt is not merely rolling back that which he sees as unlawful.
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