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Originally Posted by WPrich View Post
YUP!!! That's what I did probably will come back to bite me one day lol but until that day comes gonna keep enjoying euro-nymphing.
@WPrich haha, we all know the only thing that comes back to bite you is the trouts! You can't keep them off the HOOK! LOL

@Lumis - I actually started with tossing real fly line and I think there is some value in learning that casting, at least a little. I think it's helped as I've moved to casting the euro dry-drop rig.
My advice would be to start with a shorter leader, no more than 9 feet, but 5-7 should be good. Do not start with trout; get to a neighborhood pond with plenty of bluegill and plenty of backcasting room. Only use one fly; it can be a popper, dry, or light nymph. In spring, the bluegill (at least round my parts) will crush pretty much anything that lands in the water (in fall the Shellcracker bite is just plain stupid and they are a blast to play). Start with short casts and only extend the distance by a few feet when you feel confident you've done well. I did this and I can end up casting my 2 weight nearly 60 feet to rising bluegill on the pond. It will also help you with a little stripping, mending if the wind is picking up, and you will get the feeling of the fish on the line. Just my 2 cents, but this helped me a lot and has also helped my 7 year old. He's wrangled bass and bluegill on a fly rod (and a few of them pesky trouts).

Another piece of advice, maybe get a cane pole (ie tenakra/telescoping) rod. That thing has really helped my boy appreciate line off the water, drifts, and feeling the eats/takes. Good luck and keep everyone posted!
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