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So as promised I went to smiths yesterday and the water was the highest I've ever seen it. It was a beautiful sight and the fact that the DNR/management of Unicoi added more stream structure and access points made it a perfect day! Richard and I got there early in the morning and I left with 2 in hand and 6 LDR's. Richard stayed longer as I had to head off to my job tutoring kids (anyone in the Gwinnett county area who is looking for a tutor for their children send me a PM! I'll give you the NGTO discount haha) and ended above the 15 fish range as per usual �� . It was Richard's first time at Smith's and it was nice to show him some of my favorite holes there, although we didn't get the chance to fish all of them. Lower numbers than I expected on my part but I just had to get used to the rod itself. The 2 I caught were small rainbows but the rod made the fight so much more enjoyable than horsing them in with a graphite rod. I stayed with Euro nymphing the whole time due to the rapid flow and had a heavily weighted orange glo bug and a little brassie variant up top. I'll have to see if the delicate presentations of dry flies on a fiberglass rod hold true on my next visit with a dry dropper. The length was perfect and the amount of tippet protection and sensitivity of the rod made it a pure joy to cast and fight fish on. One slight detriment (whether it's the rod or myself) I noticed at smiths was that I had to get used to the extra amount of force it takes to set the hook. The tip is so sensitive and light that it can occasionally bounce fish and requires more force to set the hook properly. When I was trying to find that sweet spot I ended up overcompensating and losing plenty of flies to the abundant branches... but then again the amount of thingamabobbers and leaders decorating those same branches alongside my nymphs made me feel a bit better. It's all a part of fishing small streams right?

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