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Some tips I've got when starting out, learned them all the hard way haha.

1. Get comfortable with throwing one fly first. I wouldn't attach two flies as it significantly increases your chances of tangling up. The pro to this other than less tangles is that you can actually achieve a better drift as sometimes the two flies get caught in different currents and cause an unnatural drift for both.

2. Don't attach split shot unless needed. Try and have all the weight incorporated in the fly itself, I am guessing you haven't gotten into fly tying yet (If you stick with fly fishing you probably will! Just don't get convinced that you'll end up saving money haha), so try and buy some tungsten beaded flies at the fly shops. The split show will create a hinge in your cast and if using a indicator, create way more tangles. If you're not getting deep enough, take some time and practice the Tuck cast along with your regular cast.

3. If you notice your flies not landing the correct distance from your fly line or landing awkwardly (especially with an indicator) chances are you have a tangle. Reel in your line slowly and try and fix the tangle before your next cast as it will be infinitely easier to untangle then rather than casting it and creating more tangles/tightening the tangled knots. Basically, if you notice a tangle, don't be tempted to cast out there again and take the time to fix it then and there as it will be much easier.

4. Practice your knots to get more productive time out on the water. Adding new line, tying on flies, or replacing leaders are all things that can sap out more time than you think. If you can tie the few knots that you need quickly and effectively, you'll have more fishing time out there. I know you were a spin fisherman so I am sure you have working knowledge of most of these knots and can tie them fairly quickly, but that thin tippet can make it a bit tougher... Some knots for fly fishing I'd suggest to know are the clinch/improved clinch (nymphs or dries to tippet) , blood knot (leader to leader) , non slip loop (streamers) , perfection loop (leader to fly line), and triple surgeons ( tippet to tippet, cut one tag and keep the other to add a second fly).

5. Cast within your comfort zone first, no need to make hero casts unless you can't physically wade within range. It's better to take some time to walk up and make an accurate cast to a good run where you can achieve a better drift than taking your chances with a long cast that may tangle and have too much line out to get a good drift.

Those are some of the main tips I wish I knew when I started fly fishing... I hope they helped! Best of luck and looking forward to hearing about your future success.

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