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Originally Posted by Trout8myfly View Post
Well last year it was the first Saturday in April (April 1 to be exact) so you're probably safe in penciling in April 7 this year. Folks smarter than me may be along shortly to clarify.
Well, trout8myfly is correct that it is usually the first Saturday in April...and after inviting every sponsor, non-profit and government agency we could find at the Fly Fishing Show to that date (I'm not even going to say it again), it sunk in the next day that Sweep The Hooch had moved from the 2nd Saturday of April to that date.

So, the 2018 Spring Fling has been rescheduled for SATURDAY, APRIL 14. The board is trying to do something similar to the ole Trout Primers where we line up as many governmental agency-types, non-profits, as well as all of the NGTO sponsors and supporters.

It should be a good one.
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