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Thank you to everyone that made it this morning. North Paulding High school had their normal crew out stocking. BigBrowns good to see you again and even RScott showed up and remembered his rain coat this time. I'm sure I'm missing a few others, but thank you for coming out and bringing the kids!

Quick run down of the morning. Misty, light rain is falling with a good amount of people showing up. Typical Atlanta traffic, somehow the truck was able to make it to White Water in record time. They pulled in at 9:15!!!!!! By the time the last fish was hitting the river I'd estimate 40-50 people were there. In short time, there where about 1600 new friends swimming around White Water. Man did the hatchery hook us up. Nice way to start the morning.

There were several toads put in this morning and a few have already been educated. Do yourself a favor and get out while they are dumb.

Two highlights of the day were seeing if Lil' Heff or another kid had the brighter clothes on. Lil' Heff was sporting his NEON yellow rain jacket which could double as a beacon for incoming aircraft and the other boy in his just as bright Orange. Evidently the fish preferred the Orange as he reeled in a dozen fish in short time. I think everyone out there caught a few fish. The second highlight was watching RScott mentor a NPHS student that he's worked with for several years. I believe Alicia is a senior now and has really came a good ways from her first outing. Funny thing about it is as soon as RScott called it a day, she finally caught a fish. I guess him being a mentor is intimidating.

One last nugget for everyone to be aware of. Its warming up and the thieves are making it out. Don't leave anything valuable in your cars as I heard from a few of the regular dog walkers that there has been a few break ins.
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