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I make my home in the mountains of North Carolina, but my spiritual home-away-from-home is on the South Carolina coast. The Low Country has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I spend a lot of my spare days fishing with a cousin who lives down that way. I haven't been down since back before Christmas, and an invitation to help him break in his new poling platform looking for schooling winter redfish just wasn't something I could pass up.

Early in the morning we poled the mud flats and back into the oyster mazes. We found glassy calm, some pretty views and copious noseeums. Note that "redfish" is not on that list.

Eventually, we found a couple of schools working main river flats, but these fish had clearly been beaten on recently. I had to make a lot of presentations just to grind out a couple of fish.

In the end, the glorious weather probably worked against us. Water temps were in upper 60s back in the marsh and the mid 60s closer to the ocean, and the fish had broken out of the larger schools they were in when the water temps had them huddled on the mud flats for warmth. But it's always just nice to get down and smell the pluff mud.

Cheers, y'all!

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