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Default St. Croix Rod Repair

This post really isn't all that informative other than the fact that I just had an amazing customer service experience with St. Croix.

Long story short, I was given an Imperial rod by a friend with no idea how old it was.

Last week it cracked and broke in half.

I contacted St Croix and they quickly responded and had me send the rod back to them.

Once it arrived, I was given a PHONE CALL, not email, about my rod still being under warranty and they would be replacing it just for a shipping cost to get it back to me. I asked a bunch of other questions which were all answered happily.

I got the rod back in another 4 days.

Just a tip of the cap to St Croix and their customer service.

Another fine example of good companies taking care of their product. I am even more grateful because I had no proof of purchase or idea when the rod was from.

It will make me take a good look at St Croix when making my next rod purchase.
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