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Cool How the He11......

How the he11 did I do this? Finally got out to do a little fishing with my St Croix 5wt a week or so ago and had trouble getting hooks into the hook holder just above the grip. Wrapped up for the day, I was putting the rod away and took a closer look. The hook keeper looks like it got squashed! What was once a nice open loop now is barely wide enough to get a hook through. My rods are almost always fishing or in the case so how remains a mystery.

I bought this rod from Jimmy Harris over 15 years ago so I am going to blame Jimmy for selling me defective goods! 8- ) I really did buy this 4 piece rod from Mr. Harris to fit into my big suitcase when our daughter lived in Grants Pass, OR. Funny how my pack rod became one of my go-to rods. I actually hooked a steelhead on the Rogue with this rod. We got to see the fish jump twice and it even made the locals gasp. I was doing okay, but he finally wrapped me around a root wad or something and broke off.

Guess I will have to get the hook holder fixed!
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