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Default Fly tying class at my school!

I wanted to share something that I was about to take on and see if there were any member that might be interested/able to get on board and help out.

The high school I teach at has changed the daily schedule to allow for a 50 min time slot every day which is called the "iPeriod." This period is designed to allow students the opportunity explore an opportunity or a passion that they would not normally get the opportunity to experience. We have over 70 different iPeriods lead by teachers and students ranging from Painting to BBQing. I have personally led Boardgames, Sign-language, Creating an escape room in the school, and Campus Golf where we used foam practice balls and played golf around the campus.

This next rotation I am offering a "Fly-Tying" iPeriod. I have 10 students who are excited about learning to tie flies. I have been able to gather up 8 vises and sets of tools but I am in need of Simple materials like thread, wire, hooks, beads, and feathers. I have talked to BIG T about getting an order together but I wanted to also ask if anyone had any stuff laying around they would not mind donating.

We have a lake on our Campus and we are planning on fishing at the end with our flies we have created.

PM me or call/text me at 706-346-1994 if you are about to help out!

Thanks Guys!
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