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Post Double Digit Smith Creek! 3/7/18

Hey guys, Lumis back at it with... another Smith Creek Report. More exciting than the last though.

So first of all, you may be wondering why I keep hitting Smith Creek?
Well, the biggest reason being that it's super easy to fish. I'm a fly fishing beginner and I enjoy nymphing (because it's easy and reminds me of the good old powerbait days). Smith Creek nymphing is just so easy, especially in the deeper holes, where the indicator is very easy to observe.

I'm gonna start off by posting an album of pictures. Manually posting one by one takes ages.

Day starts off at 5:15 am. Wake up, put on layers and layers of clothing. Get all my equipment and head out. Make the pleasant drive (I enjoy driving on roadtrips, though I don't enjoy driving back home) north to Helen. Hit unicoi lodge, pick up my parking pass, and drive to the parking area.

Someone is there before me today. Interesting. Find him at the hole near the bridge. I've met him before. He spin fishes smiths pretty often and uses rubber worms to catch trout.

I should mention that it's in the mid thirties when I get out there. Scattered snow flakes are falling around me. I don't have gloves. I go to one of the many spots I've been wanting to try and get a fish quite quick. A rainbow. Snap a picture, next. I catch another 5 rainbows.

At this point, my hands are practically frozen. I can't feel them. I can't tie a knot. I decide I want to get another cast in. Casting again was a good idea. I catch my first ever brook trout. After this, my hands are so cold im mindlessly yelling like a crazy person. There was a lot of pain involved. So I said screw it and make my way back over to my car. I couldn't even press the unlock button on my keys and had to dig my nail into it. Still in my waders I drive to Unicoi Outfitters.

I walk into the store, say hi, and immediately ask if they half gloves for sale. Jim says yes. He shows me the selection, it's 50% off. I get a comforable pair of simms gloves. I also buy some thingamabobbers and head out. When I arrive, there's only one more car there than when I left. Place is deserted.

Catch me another fish and meet a DNR guy and his big ol' truck. I'll let you figure out what he was doing. I decided I'd head far downstream. I want to catch a brown and complete my trout trio. It didn't happen. I tried fishing a hole where I've seen people catch browns in the past, but I kept missing all of my sets. Only landed another rainbow.

Decided to head back upstream, to check out DNR mans work. See the spin fisherman stilll there. Ask him how many he caught. 43. Alrighty, I guess I should start taking advantage of DNR mans visit. Spin fisher says I can have his hole. Awesome. I thank him and get to work. Catch 4. Including that big brook.

An older gentlemen decides he wants to teach me to fish with woolly buggers. He's catching stockers left and right. I give it a try. Tie two buggers like he asks. Absolutely zero luck. They're not chasing my buggers. I spend an hour catching nothing and when he finally leaves, I switch back to an egg and squirmy. Immediately catch another 4 including that large rainbow at the end of the gallery. I get my line tangled hardcore and see a guy looking at my pool. I tell him what I'm using and let him fish it while I rig up. He doesn't seem to be having any luck. I go back in and catch my final four. A TOTAL OF 20. Had the DNR not stopped by today, I would have still most likely hit double digits. This is where I'm happy and decide to pack it up. I reach over to my red squirmy to give it to the guy, but it came apart. And I have no more reds. Decided to give him a brown and left. My back hurt like hell at this point.

My phone died about 2 hours before I left. It was at 40%..... uhm. So I couldn't take picture of my last few fish. I stop at unicoi to get some patches for my waders. They might be leaking. Not sure.

Get home at 7 pm. Haven't eaten all day. The end.
I actually fell asleep writing this last night, so after a much needed 12 hours of sleep, I got back to it.

It was a good trip. Biggest problem I had (again) was keeping the fish on after setting. I lost A LOT of fish that I had on for a few seconds before they came off. LDR doesn't make me happy. Another problem that I had involved my leader. Every time I dragged in a fish, if my leader knot got all the way to the rings on my rod, the knots would get stuck there and stop me from reeling in further. Which shouldn't happen obviously. My leader is on correctly, so I don't know how to fix that. I got tangled up less than the past few times but still had some very annoying tangles.

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