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FlicknDip has provided a great summary of wading 101 common sense. I would double down on the wading belt. I always wear one and now I have one that doubles as a back support. Number of years ago, mid-October in Colorado at about 7500 feet. Had a little ooops! that put me almost face down in some very cold water. Got up, went to the shore and while organizing gear for the walk out I bent over from the waist and about a gallon+ of river water ran out of the tops of my waders - pants were dry.

Other Bits:

- Tell someone where your life insurance policy is and where to come find your body. Or, always tell someone where you are going and when to expect you to return. This practice saved one of our Pisgah TU members life.
- Assume that EVERY rock in the river will move when you step on it.
- Paired with the above, every limb in the water or along the edge will break as soon as you step on it or try to hold onto it.
- The clear deep hole you are guessing is 4' deep will actually float your hat.
- Vibram or Felt? Depends on where you go fishing. Step out of the car, walk five minutes to a tailwater - that's felt. Walk 5 miles to a blue line, that's vibram.

LAST but not least: As soon as you have your waders on, gear ready, hat just right ... you will have to pee. No, the urge will not go away with cold water - just get it over with.
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