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Default Redeye Bass & Redbreast sunfish

Howdy Experts!

I am going camping this weekend with some college buddies. I am bringing the fly rod(s) since the cabin we are renting will be on a creek. Allegedly the creek has no trout, but it has redbreast sunfish, redeye bass, an occasional largemouth or spotted bass, crappie, and channel cats. I figure it's mostly redeye bass and redbreast sunfish and the rest is a toss up.

As far as flies are concerned, I am bringing various bream poppers, clouser minnows, woolly buggers and rubber legged nymphs. I mostly plan on stripping small streamers since this is what I have had the most success doing when catching bass and various sunfish.

Any other fly recommendations? Technique suggestions? Tips? I don't have a lot of experience catching redeye bass and redbreast sunfish. I have caught plenty of bluegill, largemouth and smallmouth though.
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