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Originally Posted by Dylar View Post
As a rule of thumb, anything you'd throw at river bass will catch brown trout with fair consistency.

What part of the water column do you like? I've been working my way down and I think next time out I'm gonna try and straight up drag some bass jigs on the bottom and see what I pick up.

Always thought trout came up to feed and I spent alot of time fishing the top 3rd or top half, which produced some good fish, but bait fishing dead sculpin on the White really opened my eyes to the lower part of the water column. Focusing in on that lower water of the Hooch, that I had been ignoring, and fishing something of a jig presentation where you can get the rig deep has treated me very well.

I'm also all about trying something different that they've never seen before. How many gold inline spinners riding at 1 to 2 ft deep has a mature fish in the Hooch seen? A thousand. Now, how many pumpkinseed baby brushhogs has he seen? How many white Texas rigged super flukes?

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