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Post When is the Amicalola wadable?

Basically, I've been watching the Amicalola for a week or two now. I want to fish it. I've been watching the discharge and gage height, trying to put data together.

I've read up that the Amicalola is not suitable for wading when the height is above greater than or equal to 1.5. Currently at 1.18, looks decent.

Current CFS is 296 which is close to the 25 year median daily. Which basically means it's at a fairly normal discharge.

Yet, when I asked the wise Jeff Durniak, he says he would not recommend it at it's current state. Cold and dangerous he says. He told me to "ask the experts"

So.. do any of you have buckets of expert Amicalola knowledge you'd like to dump on me? What am I not seeing in these statistics? I'd really like to visit
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