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Originally Posted by sbarker View Post
My buddy and I are wanting to fish the Hooch this coming Monday (2/19). We are both somewhat new to this and have never fished this river before. What would be a good 4-6 hour float that we should do? We both have kayaks and waders (and rain gear). Also what do the fish seem to be biting this time of year? I know we have to have a PFD, no barbs, and can only fish one rod..... however is there any issues with bringing another one in the yak in its case on the off chance one breaks in the middle of the trip? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
You can put in at the dam and take out at Settles bridge. You can have barbs. You can take as many rods as you want. Wear your pfd until you get below hwy 20, and honestly just keep it on the whole time since you are new to the water. What kind of fishing do you do so we can reccomend what to tie on? Don’t wear waders on a kayak in a river. Wear a bib.


Best of luck.
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