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Default It's In the Wind

Probably a tad egotistical for me to post as "expert" but wanted to share an event from yesterday on the North Mills. Long story but it has been months since I have been able to peel out a few hours to myself and go fishing. It was mid to late morning and with waders I was fishing without a jacket ....... almost felt like a spring day. Fishing was okay, nothing notable. Had fished for a couple hours when I swatted a couple bugs out of my vision when it dawned on me, "Dummy that's a hatch coming off! BWOs in #18 to #20s!"

So I climbed out of the river, found a nice stump to re-rig with a lighter tippet and a #20 BWO. One of my biggest joys in getting onto and into the river is how the river and what is going on totally absorbs my attention and at the same time makes all my senses extra keen. So when the breeze shifted slightly I could feel it on the back of my neck swinging about 90 degrees. The wind direction shifted and then I felt the temperature change, first a little cooling, and then a steady drop. I remembered my jacket was in the car almost a mile away. But it did not matter. Where there had been a BWO hatch and other clear signs for fish on the move, the water was dead quiet.

This all took place in about the time it takes to tie on a new tippet, find and tie on the fly you want and carefully step back into the water. Nature is a marvelous thing but it is just something very special when you are out there and in the water.

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