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Originally Posted by Counslrman View Post
...I used to (back in the 60's-70's) hunt a lot down in Alma and East of Albany...knew some guys who had farms / land there...beautiful terrain...flat...some marshy areas...rattlers...lots of natural birds...don't know if you want to travel to S Ga, but there's some fine bird hunting...I think nowadays, unless you connect with some farmer or private landowner, most of the Quail "Plantation" operations are pretty high $$...


My family's farms are all just east of Alma the wild bird populations have vanished over the years there

We only do our own put and take hunts these days, if we stumble on a wild covey we are so excited to see it we wouldn't dare shoot any of them

I don't know if it's the predators, habitat, farm chemicals or all of the above but the wild birds are gone and it's heart breaking
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