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Default History of Trout Fishing on the Chattahoochee River


I know I had made a mention of this in other threads and perhaps we could get Bill Couch or Chris Scalley to chime in and add on here. We are the cold water fishermen of Georgia and it is a loss to those who currently fish this great river that there is so little documented history for us to understand what this river has been capable of producing. Let's keep this thread running and alive so that as information comes to light it can be added!!!

First up: Field & Stream June 1995- Stan Crigger's ridiculous day of rainbows!!!
13 1/2, 12 1/2 & 11lb Rainbows from BELOW Morgan Falls

And a couple of interesting GON & NGTO threads that also talk about Stan:

And the last thing I have found was a February 1975 article talking about the Chattahoochee being a hidden gem for trout and that musky were planning to be stocked back into all the northern lakes:

I am still searching for more and if you find something cool or have something interesting to add please do! It's nice to see little tid bits of where we have come from so feel free to reflect!
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