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Originally Posted by ChaChung View Post
Great article.

A question though... How about when trout jump clear out of the water like dolphins? Are they chasing emergers as well? I see that from time to time and once I had one jump up about 3 feet in front of me in murky water at IF.
Great question. Many fish jump, in recent years even great white sharks have been observed 'catching air' while hunting seals from the bottom. Dolphins do it to 1) breathe and 2) as a social and communicative behavior (unless trained, then it's simply to impress humans
I had a rather large brown jump really close to me at the river, startled me it was so loud and so close and it was clear he was coming up to check out my suspension device dangling in some rougher water.

My hypothesis would be that larger fish leave the water while predating smaller prey; and smaller fish leave the water while being predated on by larger fish. Haha
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