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Default Multi stream report

I haven't posted much, but I've been fishing. And that outta continue now that finals are over and I'm almost ready to turn in grades

I Hit a few small streams in the north and the tailwater when I couldn't get North. The streams in the north are hit or miss, for me, right now. I'm chalking that up to the weather, as dredger says,"cold weather and cold water has them hunkered down."

That being said, in addition to getting a few small wild browns from my new favorite watershed, I also got this larger "wild" bow from an area of the stream I have confirmed hasn't been stocked in decades.

Probably just swam upstream though.

The scenery was nothing short of amazing

Back home on the tailwater, I've had some good and bad days, but my last outing was pretty good. The weather was horrible, just about 40 degrees and starting to rain. I was able to carve out an hour between Xmas shopping and marking exams, but ended up only fishing 45 minutes because I slipped shortly after arriving and that cold water plus cold air/breeze was an equation I'd rather not deal with. That 45 minutes was pretty epic though. Third cast, dry dropping, I nabbed a little baby brown, 6-7x inches in length. But that day was about practicing Euro style nymphing, which I hadn't done in months, because dry dropping had been so effective thru the summer. So, I tied on a pair of nymphs I'd just tied

Up top, size 18:

At the point, size 16:

** DISCLAIMER: I'm not very good at tying, but I try... Lol

In the remaining half hour I was able to get another 6 browns all above 12 inches, a couple well above that measurement.

That last fish was well over 14, closer to 16 inches. Skinny but long. Went straight to the bottom and stuck there. Tried to run me around a rock ledge, but I worked it up and into the net.

With the snow (hahah) approaching the metro area and the kid being home and a few more exams/assignments to mark, I'm not sure when I'll get back out... But, rest assured, I'll be out there.

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