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Originally Posted by mud walker View Post
"Have you tried a weight for the 3rd fly? I was thinking about a rig like that but using a small bell weight in place of the 3rd fly. That would keep the flies in the water but prevent the hanging up the 3rd fly can cause. Any thoughts?"

Im new and only have a spinning rod as of now. Do yall think this set up would be good for spin fishing. As of now im only using rapala. Im not a big fan if the roster-tails. I would like to go more natural if I can.
That's a good way to fish and one of my go to rigs. By using the bottom as a weight it will bounce or tick along the bottom and does well. I have switched from the two fly rig with a weight on the bottom to using a heavy fly as the bottom fly here the last few months.

Using a weight on the bottom will still get you hung up from getting the weight snagged in rocks and all. One of the reasons I use a weighted bottom fly. Figured if I'm going to get hung up, might as well have the bottom rig have a jig hook on it
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