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Originally Posted by IndicatoRx View Post
Fished the Ami at 53 bridge with my buddy Brian on 11/4. We caught 10-12 between us, below average I would say. So when the Wildlife officer showed up to check our licenses, I asked him if the Ami had been stocked for December. He said that it had not. Why? Well, since GA voted to have trout season open year round, waters are stocked year round and hatchery capacity can not be increased accordingly. So the DH waters are getting fewer fish than before. That still doesn't answer why the Ami hasn't been stocked yet - with fewer fish. Does anyone know when the Ami will be stocked again? Thanks.
10-12 between the two of you doesn't sound like a bad day I'd say given the reports above. The DH is not subject to a weekly stocking, but when they do stock it usually is a good amount of fish. Whenever I think about going to a DH stream, I usually check NGTO in conjunction with this link that shows the stocking of streams throughout Georgia for the given week ( then click on Weekly Stocking Report). With this information, I then pick a stream to fish. From what I've noticed so far it seems like they stock every DH stream once every 2-3 weeks with an occasional stocking within a lake. Also, it is only the very beginning of December, maybe they stocked it late in November and the officer just took your question too literally. In any case, if you took any photos of the fish you caught please post them as previous posts on this thread showed trout with some nice coloration and condition.

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