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I was parked halfway down the left-hand side of the South Carolina parking lot. I was one of probably ten cars when we arrived. This guy must have experienced Thievus Interruptus, because I can only imagine what other cars contained. Thanks again to the fellas that stood with me in the parking lot and gave information to the enforcement officers. You didn't have to do that. I hope the beds at Days Inn and the delicious Queso at La Pachanga in Clayton will restore you tonight so you might experience another fruitful day on the Chattooga DH.

If you stole my rods and you fish them tomorrow, I wish you Chubs and horneyheads. If you wear my clothes, that is just weird. I hope that my favorite sportcoat and tie bring you as many luckless nights at the bar as they brought me. Get a job.
Preston Sutter
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