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It was roughly one year ago my GF bought be a guided trip on the tuckaseegee river. We ended up catching a dozen or so each, they'd just stocked.

We left yesterday to come up to NC for her work Xmas party, and by the time we got into sylva, checked into hotel, and whatnot, it left me about 65 minutes on the water. Surprisingly, there were only two other souls fishing, two Georgia boys whose names I already forgot. They are ngto members and we new some of the same people. We conversed about what they were eating: the younger of the two guys sorta indicated they were eating anything. The older, mentor, said they'd been crushing a mohair leech and was kind enough to share love one. The water was fast, peaking after a release, but still slack enough to implement the old dry dropper. Big old stimulator up top, mohair leech (Unweighted) in the middle, and a pink beaded tungsten nymph at the point.
Tenth cast, rainbow.
Then I got into a pod of brookies, five of those. Didn't leave without a few browns.
I don't have any pictures, because I forgot to pack my waterproof camera phone thing. You can believe me or not, but the tuck DH IS hot, just the way I remembered it.

To add to an awesome day, after my GF dropped me at the tusk fishing hole she went into "downtown" sylva and while there popped into black rock outfitters and got me a few rep your water shirts on sale.
Now off to Asheville for the party on the Biltmore ground.

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