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Originally Posted by GoutUnlimited View Post
That’s cool man...been doing some research on this technique...pretty underutilized round these parts.
I'm not sure why that is. It's extremely effective, cheap (I use crafting beads), produces great hookups and is much less damaging to the fish than your standard yarn or jelly egg patterns.

Seems like youve got a dropper set up.
I ran several different dropper flies early on, hoping to add a few more browns to the mix. Eventually cut the dropper off because all that was getting eaten was the bead, so why introduce the extra hassle?

Are you using toothpicks?
Yeah, I peg 'em using a toothpick/stopper knot combo about an inch and half above the hook.

Also how long you had them boots...I recently go me the same pair.
I usually get about two seasons (fishing 100-120 days a season) out of a pair. I do a lot of bluelining, so I'm exceptionally hard on boots.

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