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Originally Posted by GoutUnlimited View Post
Personally, egg patterns have caught the most browns for me this year. I use yarn with a heavy tungsten bead. Many folks fish eggs and donít like to admit so..,you know who you are! Donít know about less damaging but, Are you not getting a bunch of snags on the hooks? Still I can see the advatages:

1. The yarn gets nasties in it from weeds
2. Yarn not as durable
3. Yarn will slip eventually
The bead rides lower in the water column than the hook unless you've got a dropper off the bend, so it probably hangs up less than a traditional pattern.

The biggest weakness, in my opinion, of yarn eggs is that they often result in gut and gill hooked fish, especially when the fish are keyed in on the naturals and aggressively eating. The bead gets around this by separating the hook from the fly.
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