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Default Basalt Area

Let's Review:

Basalt, CO
Plenty of time to fish
Late June or early July

Summary: I HATE YOU!

Okay, now I feel better. So to find fish, look for water and fish there. Okay, maybe not quite that simple but you will be in prime territory for fishing. You have all the creeks and rivers (Maroon Creek/Frying Pan/Roaring Fork) in the Aspen/Basalt area and on down the valley to Glenwood Springs. That time of year head up to Redstone and hike into some remote waters. I do not have a shop to recommend but I think there is one in Basalt and I am certain someone here will recall the name.

You did not mention how long you would be in the area but if for a week or more you should make a choice once you arrive. The choice is focusing on one area and touch all the waters, or roam around to a different river every day. Do note that there is typically a lot of windshield time between streams in the mountain west.
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