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Snowmass is on the Roaring Fork River. The Fryingpan joins the Fork just downstream in the town of Basalt.
Fryingpan Anglers is the old Roy Palm shop John Gierach used to write about. Roy no longer owns the shop, but still has his "spread" on a sweet stretch of the Fryingpan. My wife and I actually met him on a trip out there last year; he's big as a house.
If you want to wade fish, Eric at FPA is the guy to use. Another guide there, Patrick, does a unique guided trip: on bicycle rolling down the paved bike trail that runs alongside the Roaring Fork from Aspen all the way down to Gleenwood.

The other flyshop in town is Taylor Creek, also good guys. Both shops have good web sites and archives of stream reports so you can read reports for your weeks there back over several years. Give you some ideas on flies to tie.

If I ever move away from north Georgia, it will be to either Carbondale or Basalt.
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