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Originally Posted by TroutSniper View Post
Exact reason I boycott their products... High fullutent, money wastin yuppies... I also find it funny they sell all this elite gentleman's fly fishing gear and clothing with a tone that further promotes that fly fisher's are snobs yet some of there stuff is made in China. At least Filson still makes there's in the US and appears to be of quality that will last and might be worth the price. For all those that like Orvis more power to you but I'm not wastin my hard earned money on over priced Chinese made sub-par items. If your gonna spend that money there are much better brands out there.

Just my 2 cents
I don't boycott their products but seldom buy anything Orvis except the tippet material and I liked the Generation 3 wonder fly line now the Hydros or Helios lines (I can't keep up) but having said that I most certainly don't worship at the Orvis Alter of Fly Fishing.
Also if that crap goes 50% off after Christmas its still about 300% overpriced. This is why I seldom darken the doorway at the Orvis stores
"Fly Fishing Is Not A Team Sport"----Tom McGuane

The fisherman now is one who defies society, who rips lips, who drains the pool, who takes no prisoners, who is not to be confused with the sissy with the creel and bamboo rod. Granted, he releases what he catches, but in some cases, he strips the quarry of its perilous soul before tossing it back in the water. What was once a trout – cold, hard, spotted and beautiful – becomes “number seven.”
Tom McGuane
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