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I built my first fly rod about 16 years ago. I used this website write up for instructions and it's still online. I bought my kit from this guy's (Bob's) website and he supplied all of the right parts and pre-marked the rod sections spine. Read his Rod Building 101 Guide for directions on what you will be doing. I did borrow a wrapping stand for wrapping the guides and hook keeper and ferrule wraps. I also bought a set of tapered cork reamers from Bob. 16 years ago there were no You Tube videos. If you search Building Graphite Fly Rod Videos today you can also watch how it's done. The most tedious part for me was wrapping the tip section guides as the tip is thin and flexible and tends to bounce up and down when you do the wraps. The 2 nd rod I built was a Sage 9', 5 wt, 4 piece Light Line kit that I also bought from Bob that was supplied with all Sage factory original Light Line parts. Turned out great and I still fish with it---when I get to fish.
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