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wayne t
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I use the Folstaff (my wife and i have three of them; don't ask) which i keep tied to the handy holster sold with the staff. Once when i left it at home, in the car or somewhere other than where i was fishing, i picked up a decent piece of laurel branch someone else had conveniently cut to wading /hiking stick length and left astream, and I just stuck it in my wading belt or tossed it on the bank when not in use. That actually worked far better than i expected. So well i kept the stick for possible future use.

For purchased staffs Folstaffs cannot be beat. i use one (assuming it is in my wader bag when i need it) every time i wade fish and i deploy it almost anytime i go in water over my shoe tops. i have gotten so accustomed to it that i can wade, hike, fish, chase fish, land fish, whatever, with only very, very liimited interference from the staff.
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