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Default spot on

I will say that 2flys post is pretty much spot on. I will however say that my experience the last two times at Dukes on section 1, is a lot like the Davidson. Fish have gotten use to pressure. May initially freak out, then will come right back and settle in, be still and they will start to feed. Even had a pig on running in a run, and two other trout were following it, and one grabbed my dropper fly. Double in the Net!

One of the runs in particular has about 15-20 fish of nice size in it. was careful on approach etc, got up to run started nymphing. Caught a fish, fish freaked out, 30 seconds later all back in a group and taking my flies again...pretty crazy the first time, but to have it happen again for a second time led me to the conclusion that section 1 fish have been under considerable pressure and have gotten use to it just like the Davidson beside the hatchery.
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