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Originally Posted by Dylar View Post
Lovely fish. At the growth rates attainable in most southern Appalachian headwaters streams, that's a fish pushing five, maybe six years old, and that's pretty much as long as a brook trout can live. It is exceedingly rare to see one live past three in this part of the country.
Dylar, here is another interesting fact. This fish's stomach contained merely one large stonefly. The rest of the contents were skeletal. There were two spinal columns, and one dish's lower jawbone. There are no other fish species in that part of the creek. No shiners, chubs, Dace, other trout or other minnows. Th confirms what we already know. They can be cannabilistic just like all other trout. When they grow to this fish's size, they need the protein, so they get the protein. That I could discern, this speck wasn't messing with midges. He was on the protein, to include other brook trout.
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