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Default Smith Creek Slam of Some Sort

It occurred to me that if catching a Brookie, Rainbow, and Brown Trout is a grand slam there ought to be some title/name for catching a trout, bass, and bream on the same fishing expedition. Fishing Smith Creek yesterday at the base of the dam that's what I caught. All three put up an equally good fight. Also had a pretty good day catching trout from the rock bridge/culvert up to the dam. Caught a couple casting a wooly bugger against a log that lays across the creek just up from the rock bridge. I don't usually catch anything there, although often I see trout stacked up in the clear pool just above the log, so that was a thrill. My fishing buddy had a good day further down stream. The bream pic attached was taken another day. I did not take any pics of the bream I caught yesterday, but the bream I caught were very similar to the one in the pic.
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