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Default Fun at the dam

All this talk about Island Ford lately, so I decided to see how the dam was fishing this morning for comparison. Got there about 9 and was amazed how clear it's become, and I was pretty much into fish after about 15 minutes. I've decided to work on my dry-dropping so my last few outings I've dedicated some time to it and I started with it today, and it was pretty productive. Landed about 10 this way and lost/missed a few and even had 2 bows come up and take my dry(RScotts neversink CDC caddis). After this I went to my bread and butter euronymphing and this brought most of the days action, tied on a bugger and a Walts and it was pretty steady until I left at 1. Only caught 3 browns but tangled with quite a few BIG rainbows in the 14-15 inch range. Main fly was the UV bugger Big T did a video on, that thing has been down right deadly some days. I was catching them on it so fast today a gentleman floated down to me and said "what the hell you got on the end of that line, I've watched you catch at least 15 fish" lol. The dam has given me trouble since I started fly fishing, so today was easily my best day there!

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