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Looking at getting my first yak. This one caught my eye. Any thougts about it or advice. I'm 5'6" and 200lbs. I will mostly use it on the rivers around here and some lakes/ponds with the occasional trip to the coast for some inshore fishing. Anyone have one of these?
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Checked out a WS Commander today at Go With the Flow. Looked nice and is on sale this week. Looks real stable, but a little heavy to unload/load. Also looked at an Old Town Vapor Angler 12 footer. Looked pretty good and had some nice features. Anyone have or have used either of those boats. Any Pros or cons about them.
Originally Posted by Clintb2015 View Post
Thanks Tracy, that makes alot of sense about getting in and out to wade etc. I really want something that I can stand in. I would prefer something without out riggers, but I have not rulled them out.
In my opinion, the Commander is a great vessel for the fishing that I do in rivers, lakes, and ponds. I know of guides that use them for inshore saltwater fishing as well. Also, I can easily stand and fish from it.

That said, you should definitely demo one for yourself. I'm 8" taller and about 50lbs less, so my opinion of the boat could be completely different than yours after you try it out. Notice that I've repeatedly underlined 'opinion' in this post. You are the final judge of what boat works best for you and what you want to do with your boat.

A couple things I've learned from buying and using two completely different kayaks: NO kayak is perfect for all conditions or people AND make sure you take personal opinions of different boats with a grain of salt. I would have missed out on a great boat that accomplishes just want it to if I had taken bad feedback I got (mind you the vast majority of reviews of the Commander everywhere on the internet are positive) regarding the Commander to the bank and never tried it out for myself.

Some more details regarding the Commander are here:

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