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Nice report...Since your're a toccoa beach front property owner its only right to get a flare gun to shoot at tubers and yakers and yell "Don't feed my fish!"

Originally Posted by orey10m View Post
"Yikes" Is right on the snake..

You fishing out of some sort of boat in those pictures?

Not that you asked, but I've been trying to get better about learning to ID snakes in the last couple years, and from the looks of it that's a banded watersnake. What do you think?
Any other snake IDers out there can confirm/deny?

..I was going off the bands on its back being wider on the top than on the sides.

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Saw me one last year thinking it was a copperhead cuz its had somewhat a big diamond shaped head but I think it just had something in its gullet so it looked bigger than it actually was. It was sunbathing right next to where I put my rod down without looking first then saw it there mid tinkle. From what I was assured, its a banded watersnake as copperheads tend to be fatter at that length.
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