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I get about 6 orvis catalogs per day.

Sure a lot (most) of their stuff is overpriced. But sporting wise - at least fly fishing wise - they make good rods (both high and low end). Can't speak for the reels. Gear is fine if a little overpriced. Tom Rosenbauer is about as knowledgeable as anyway and, shockingly enough, does not seem to be ego driven.

I have one orvis rod. Rarely spend money there. In fact I only do if I have one of those "Buy $50, get $25 off". But the bashing of Orvis is comical. It's become the cool thing to do.

So think about that overpriced knife when you string up your 'boo rod with the hardy reel or, better yet, that Scott 7wt with the Nautilus reel to catch half dead trout in marginal water.

**** wastebasket - how impractical!
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