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I happen to like the guide I'm talking about, very nice guy. What if the next time you show up at that hole those 4 guys and 4 of their friends are there and the hole above it and the hole below it and you know it's a direct result of the guided trip earlier? Not to mention the 50 other clients he's taken there.
So... were there 50 guys there on this trip? Or were there 8 guys there on this trip? Or were 6 guys there on this trip?
I am trying to understand if this is a new guide and this was first set of clients and first trip to this spot and we are hypothesizing that 8 guys will now be at this spot every time you fish there. Or is this a seasoned guide who has taken 54 clients there and now there are always 4 fisherman to a hole?

Being the slow simple type I need more information before I can really make a comment. And I need to know the facts from the hypothesizing.

Honestly I go to creeks and rivers mentioned on this forum and in books and sometimes I'm all alone and sometimes I see half dozen or so guys spread out. And some of them I have the pleasure of speaking with and enjoyed the conversation.
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