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G/flex epoxy works well too. However I seldom add anything to the hull, simple is better. My rod holders are mounted to my crate.
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Originally Posted by Jakal03 View Post
It was hard for me to break down and drill when i first got mine too. Drill above the water line and use some sort of sealant on the screws. Silicone will work but i generally use 3M 5200 sealant. Rivets are also another good option for places that you cannot get to easily to tighten down nuts.

Thanks for the tip on the sealant and rivet Jakal03. I plan to take it out on it's maiden voyage tomorrow. I worked in Macon all day today and got home around 6pm. Had the boys help me get the Cuda out so I could mount the cleat and pad eye. Was going to use silicone but could not find the darn tube I bought yesterday. Getting the cleat installed where I wanted was interesting. Was hoping my oldest had long enough arms to reach both the bolts. Nope, got one nice and tight. I drilled the holes slightly smaller for a snugger fit cause I could not find sealant. So, front screw is in and the cleat is real tight no play, but will have to work on that one later. It took longer to get son unstuck

Originally Posted by Sasquatch87 View Post
Sam, It was great meeting you the other day. Looks like your ride is about ready to prowl the Hooch with that sweet new 10 footer on board! I'm thinking there may be some sore lipped trout in your near future. We appreciate your business and be sure to let us know when you want us to get that Big Tuna by the front door for easy loading on your next visit!

Funny you should mention the 10 footer Garner. It was waiting for me in my desk chair when I got home today . So tomorrow I will be getting the Cuda and the BVK wet. I was not expecting it to show up till 1st of next week. You did say TFO ships quick. Really appreciate you getting it ordered right away.

Now, stop talking about the Tuna. I mentioned it to my wife and she laughed and said "You haven't even been out in the one you just got". She won't be able to say that after tomorrow

Originally Posted by Bfish View Post
G/flex epoxy works well too. However I seldom add anything to the hull, simple is better. My rod holders are mounted to my crate.
I agree and I wish I did not have too, but having seen what you could do with a good /easily accessible and manageable anchor setup to control your drift through active runs is inspiring.

I originally purchased a Harken 150 cleat with X-Treme angle flare guard. Once I put it next to Cuda I saw it just stuck out too far. then realized that had a micro version of that cleat, but I was amazed West Marine with all the Stainless screws they have, did not have one that was long enough for the micro, or maybe it was but I did not know thick the hull was where I wanted to place it. So they suggest another popular cleat by SpinLock.
Nothing is impossible the impossible just takes a little longer. So take your time and enjoy the experience.
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