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Old 06-08-15, 09:19 AM   #11
Ellis C. Drewery
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Ila, Georgia, USA
Posts: 23
Wink Ode to the Cornslinger

I have often noted the evidence left behind when I fish in "not quite pristine" streams around the region. Although I know that litter is the byproduct of several types of "anglers and other sportsmen", my mind conjures up the following scenario......"Hefty Mae and Dentally challenged Willie Lipnicky decide to go down to the river and ketch them a mess of 'dem finny critters wid a big ol' can of Green Giant corn kernels. Willie say, dem game wardens say we kin kotch 8, but I will take the first 8 back up to da cooler, and den *** back down heer and kotch 8 more. Hey, Heffy...hand me another one of dem Miller Hi Lifes. Willie crushes his last beer can and wedges it down into the cleft of the rocks he is standing on a'fishin. Smokin' his last Marlboro, he slides the empty pack down into the crack alongside the beer can. Little Luther Lipnicky, their 2 yr. old offspring, has been running around behind them on the sandbar. He is sporting a lovely orange Kool-Aid mustache and not much else but a Huggies diaper that is saggin' precariously in the backside. Heffy she up and say, Willy dis heer dyper on Luther is about to get full....the box say it is good fer about 20 lbs and I suspeck it has about dat much in it. Willie say.....just fling it up in dat dere laurel bush. Okay, sez she." Well, I think the state governments sometimes create put and take seasons to occupy certain individuals to keep them from doing too much devilment and winding up in jail. Works for Willie.
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Old 11-23-16, 07:27 PM   #12
weedcatcher's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: Columbus GA
Posts: 29
Default Yelling

The article mentions not yelling at, flipping off, etc. people who break the rules. I have been astonished in my life at how often people want to yell at someone who commits a transgression, often unintentionally. I can tell you this, if you yell at someone, you are going to get a negative response, almost 100% of the time. If I messed up and did something wrong, my impulse is to apologize and avoid doing it again; if you yell at me, I will then become defensive, angry, and have an emotional desire to make your day worse.
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