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Old 09-07-17, 09:40 AM   #11
Join Date: Jun 2016
Location: East Cobb Co.
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One thing nobody has mentioned are flow or Discharge amounts and safe wading. There are sites along the Chattahoochee where the USGS posts discharge rates in Cubic Feet Per Seconds CFS on the web. Right now for example Jones Bridge (site # 0235000) shows the Discharge rate @ 770. I try to stay away when the rates get above 1200-1500 cfs.
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Old 09-07-17, 06:11 PM   #12
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A couple more good points...

Wade or fish, avoid doing both at the same time. The mistakes I've made usually were a result of concentrating on a drift while taking 'just a small step' for a better position.

When in fast water stay sidewise to the current. Rear leg is your anchor while upstream leg probes for clean placement.

Don't take steps where one leg crosses the other. Although it is a good way to learn how to do a pirouette.

When it gets dicey place your weight over the balls of your feet (not your heels) and clench your toes like your trying to grab the rocks.

If water is high and you think it might be alright but not quite sure, use the buddy system. Grab your partner's shoulder and cross together.
These brook trout will strike any fly you present, provided you don't get close enough to present it.
-- Dick Blalock
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Old 10-11-17, 07:08 PM   #13
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I'm thinking:

- why are these rocks so dang slippery.
- I hope this cheap wading staff doesn't break again
- these waders are hotter than hell- I should have brought some water
- oh look- there is Big T landing his 50th fish of the day.
- oh great- hung again.
- oh great dropped ( insert random gear ) in the river

OMG OMG OMG I HOOKED ONE! I'm a pro now! I should be a guide.

That's pretty much spot on accurate.
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Old 10-18-17, 11:03 AM   #14
Join Date: Jun 2016
Location: East Cobb Co.
Posts: 167

Thanks for that. I thought I was the only one suffering from those thoughts and delusions. Now I know there's at least one other crazy on the river.
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