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Default 2017 NGTO Christmas Fly Tying Swap and Charity

Hello NGTO,

As many of you know, Christmas is around the corner. It is a time of giving and receiving, and letting us appreciate those who make a difference in our lives. Additionally, from the eyes of an angler, this season results in longer nights than days, and accordingly, less time on the water. Due to this, I know many of us find ourselves spending more time devoted to the Flytying bench testing out ideas such as whether that mop can be articulated (Looking at you Gout). During this Christmas season, what if we could use this craft to not only show appreciation for each other, but also help those in need?

I am proposing a NGTO Fly Swap that would be limited to 10 participants. The basic principle is that everyone ties the number of flies that is equal to the number of participants (including yourself) and ships them to me WITH return shipping. The one that you tied for yourself will go to donation, and the others will go to each of the respective participants.

Say that we have 8 people participating, everyone would tie 8 flies of a certain pattern (The 1 fly you would tie for yourself would go to charity, the other 7 would individually go to the other 7 participants). You would then ship it to me before the deadline and I would sort all the flies into respective envelopes. Once sorted, everyone would be sent 7 flies, each of a different pattern returned to them. If you would like to donate more flies for the charity, simply tie more than the number of participants.

With this format, you'd receive a wide variety of flies that were hand tied from those on this forum, and also be contributing to a charity. I do have a spare fly box that I would store all extra flies within and either auction it off at Spring Fling or donate it (as is) to a nonprofit fly fishing charity that accepts it such as Casting for Hope, Project Healing Waters, etc (Swamp Angel, if you have an NGTO sticker that you could send me to slap on the back of that box I think that'd be awesome!).

Importantly, your skill at the Fly tying desk is not paramount and it would be nice to see some simple patterns such as a zebra midge or pheasant tails within the list. However, skilled tiers are highly encouraged to participate as I'm sure everyone would love to admire the quality of your work.

IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE, reply with a post below and the fly you will be tying. I will send relevant information to where to send your flies.

If you do not tie, but would like to add to the donated flies by buying or donating any flies (old/dysfunctional flies shouldn't be sent for obvious reasons), then you are encouraged to do so! However, please let me know through PM's if you plan on doing this and provide me with your name, username/handle, and the flies you are sending. I will send you a reply with the address to send them to.

If any shop sponsors on this site would like to add to the donated flies or add in a sticker, that would also be greatly appreciated! I promise that I will do my best to ship them out in a timely manner and keep y'all up to date.


- Maximum of 10 participants, but if any openings arise it will be edited on the post with a vacancy.
- There cannot be any duplications of fly patterns within the participants of the Swap, first come first serve.
- The number of flies you will be tying is equal to the number of participants, including yourself, (at most 10) of a specific pattern targeting anything from trout, bass, pike, etc.
- You must send in the flies to my address (which will be PM'd to you when you make a post confirming your spot in this Swap)
- Don't think this will be a problem but you must be residing within the continental U.S. due to shipping and such.

- All participants must sign up by Tuesday, December 19th
- All Flies must be sent to me by Saturday, December 30th


1.) Obey your deadlines. If you cannot, or if something unexpected comes up, message me promptly. If you do not tell me about the holdup and wait till the last minute, I hope you go the rest of your days fishless and with only crawfish at the end of your line.

2.) Include toe tags or a label specifying fly type and your username/handle. I would have a lot to deal with and shouldn't have to guess what you tied/who it is from.

3.) Include return shipping. I don't want to lose money trying to run this (I got some nasty student loans) and I hope you guys wouldn't purposefully put me in this situation.

As a host of this event, I promise to keep this thread updated and answer any questions PM'd to me quickly and promptly.

Confirmed Participants and Fly Pattern They Will be Tying

1. Sighter: Tungsten Beaded Flashback Hare's Ear (RECEIVED)
2. GoutUnlimited: Orange Collar Frenchie (RECEIVED)
3. Budwick: Olive Soft Hackle (RECEIVED)
4. ChaChung: Formerly-Known-As Prince Nymph (RECEIVED)
5. Sammothner: Sexy Walts Worm (RECEIVED)
6. The Suburban Angler: Mini Leeches (RECEIVED)
7. Didaniel: Biot BodyNymph (RECEIVED)
8.Trout "R": Shaggy Bugger (RECEIVED)

Lastly, I understand this is a busy time and we may not fill up all 10 slots. Whether it is 10, or even 5 people participating it will still be fun to see/receive each other's flies while helping out a Fly Fishing Charity. Thanks for reading and I hope y'all participate and have an amazing holiday!

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