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Old 10-07-17, 10:48 AM   #111
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Originally Posted by Counslrman View Post
...years ago, probably in the '80's, we were camping at the West Fork Chattooga and I heard a commotion across the river between some hounds, (Walkers or Plotts), and a BIG twern't no bobcat bounded up the far bank in the moonlight, (full moon),...then 2 days later , I saw a big cat, dark and tawny, cross the trail up the East side of the WF on the way up past the 1st bridge...that was in the full daylight and, again, was not a kitty or bobcat...


They are out there....just saying

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Old 10-07-17, 09:11 PM   #112
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Never seen a big cat but about 10 years ago around this time of year my wife and i were camping at the toog during a burn ban. We had some trout we caught that we kept for dinner. We cooked them in foil on a small propane camp stove and kept a pretty clean camp. I had a weird feeling so I put our small tent into kind of a natural thicket-cave between some trees and brush before I staked it down. Had a bear bag but I buried the trout skeletons in the sand for the night. Around 3am a big loud footed two legged beast came through our site and we both (wife especially) to this day swear it was Sasquatch.
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Old 01-02-18, 04:13 PM   #113
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Well I now understand how people think there are black panthers in GA. Driving up to Hiawassee in the wee hours of New Year's Eve I hit about the 4th switchback going over the mountain on 17/75. In the pull off a black(ish) cat about the size of a 60-70 lb dog froze for a split second then jumped down off the road. At first my brain said,"no way" but then I realized it had markings that I noticed. And it was more grayish/yellowish than black. And it was definitely not 70 lbs. it was a huge bobcat. And in that area probably a mean one because that's a tough place for a big predator to scratch out a living

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