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Old 02-19-18, 03:52 AM   #21
Good Idea Fairy Hunter
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Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Atlanta, GA
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The cost is well worth it for me. Being in competitions - it allows me much more time fishing and not working on my rigging.

"Not every Soldier is a Joe"

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Old 02-19-18, 06:45 AM   #22
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Originally Posted by Philhutch80 View Post
Itís a bad design and you found out the hard way. Many many anglers in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming reiterated the same story and they got rid of theirs for that reason. Thereís really no logical argument if you have hundreds or thousands of dollars in a fly fishing setup and you have to be aware of this issue every time you use it. You literally have zero control over the length of the rod while extracting it and if itís a sectional rod a piece can also get stuck in their which takes time away from fishing. More cons than pros all around.

Plus the construction and design features are more thought out and more robust on the Big Sky Box. Itís just more secure.

Iíve been using my rod vault for quite some time now while fishing 3-4 times a week. Rod sections have never gotten stuck and have yet to break a tip. If anything, Iíd say I have 100 percent control of my rods going in and out of it as I am holding them in my hand the entire time, so your zero control comment just seems pretty illogical. Sure, if youíre just forcing it in and out if the tubes then youíll come across a few issues, but itís not designed to do that. For each his own though.
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Old 02-19-18, 12:00 PM   #23
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Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Norcross
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I have broken one rod tip when I was putting my Radian back in and it was my fault. I had to much tension on the line with the fly hooked near the reel and this caused a bend in the rod. I wasn't paying attention and shoved it in the vault way to fast and before I could stop pushing the tip caught on the mid section and popped. This was after a year of using the rod vault and now I know what not to do. Other than that I have had zero issues.
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Old 02-19-18, 12:06 PM   #24
Join Date: Apr 2017
Posts: 191

Thanks for all the feedback. Looks like a Rod Vault would be a good idea it is just a little difficult to get one with their production issues. I sent them an email and they have 'no timeline for release' of the next vault...??? So much for American Capitalism....

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Old 02-19-18, 12:41 PM   #25
AK Pipeline
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Default Rod Vault

I've been tempted by the rod vault for quite a while, but I've never been in a car or truck where you couldn't leave your rod fully rigged on the inside of the vehicle. Even when I had a Honda Accord years ago, I'd simply fold the back seat down, and run the rod from the trunk towards the windshield. I do have one fishing buddy that uses something similar to this:
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