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Old 06-14-18, 09:43 PM   #11
Georgia Master Naturalist, SOLO Advanced WFA
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There is a good reason the majority of the world built canoes and only one built kayaks.
“There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.” - Aldo Leopold

Concede parum, nega frequenter, distingue semper - St. Thomas Aquinas

'Stand by the roads, and look and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is and walk in it, and find rest for your souls'. Jeremiah 6:16

"Wonder is the desire for knowledge" - St. Thomas Aquinas
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Old 06-16-18, 09:05 AM   #12
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Default Which Way?

a) Remember the best boat is the one you can borrow for a day and then return it! 8- )
b) Try both! As in see if you can borrow or rent a canoe and a kayak for about a week each and give it a try on water you are most likely to use it on. For canoes, they have a variety of hull shapes depending on their purpose. Fast water boats typically have rounded bottoms and their ends are almost out of the water: Set one on dry land and it looks like it's bent. Mine was designed for flat water and actually had a V bottom where I could balance on left or right plane or dead center. Depended on which way the wind and water was moving.

But one thing remains true with any canoe/kayak/rowboat: Which ever way you need to move the wind or current will be against you. 8- )
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Old 06-16-18, 09:36 AM   #13
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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
There is a good reason the majority of the world built canoes and only one built kayaks.
Rotomolding technology?
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Old 06-18-18, 05:27 PM   #14
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Seem to be quite a few Sun Dolphins out there. What features are must haves and what features are nice to haves?
"Just out there trying to make a difference in a trout's life."
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Old 06-18-18, 05:31 PM   #15
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Had to google sun dolphin and a bunch of cheap yaks came up. In that price range I'd get a used canoe. Those cheap yaks are really unstable and a pain to deal with on the water. Off the water they weigh as much as a small canoe...
"I don't hate trout fishing, just the people who trout fish."
-Our friend Nam, but secretly Ret

"Stop Whining"
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