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Old 08-15-18, 01:01 PM   #11
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Default wonderful trip & what I learned

Thanks for all the advice that was given prior to our trip! What I learned:
#1 I wish I would have went out there when I was a young man
#2 Take plenty of chap stick & skin lotion
#3 Play the hand you're dealt
#4 catching some fish is better than not catching any fish
#5 The bugs were not as bad as expected, but the flies will make you cuss.
#6 Take saline solution for your nose, I dug out buggers that were bigger than my flies.
#7 Hydrate before and during the trip, limit alcohol...stayed thirsty entire trip
#8 Traver's was right, patience is required for wild trout.
#9 The Tetons are as beautiful as anything in YNP

Being beginners (basically) at fly fishing, there were a lot of tough lessons learned. We were determined to fish with dry flies, which probably hindered our catch rate in many cases. My friend did not want to hire a guide, and I think that was a mistake to some degree. Although there is some degree of satisfaction when you do it the hard way. Despite the lack of ability to hike away from pressured fish in most cases, we both managed to catch a Snake river cutthroat, although it took us several days to do it. We caught a fair amount of small brown trout in a tributary of the Snake (#16 orange stimi & #14 caddis)..
We did fish the Soda Butte creek one afternoon after driving across the park for the girls sightseeing tour. I managed a rainbow from under a logjam despite 20 mph gusts and having to remove several wind knots in my leader. The cutthroat I caught outside the park in the Snake came on a PMD. The Madison was 70-80 degrees and we were told to avoid it. In hindsight, I wish I would have tried Gibbon meadows and if I ever make it back, I will. I also learned that there is a lot of water in Wyoming outside the YNP that is less pressured and I wish I would have spent more time exploring it. As in any pursuit of wild game in a new area, the lessons are costly, but valuable experience is gained. I hope to go back before time expires. Thanks again to those that offered insight. I will try and post some pix later. Burdawg
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Old 08-15-18, 08:46 PM   #12
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Default Numbers 2, 6, & 7

Yep the mountain west is dry and the wind will suck the moisture right out of you. As you learned, drink water constantly. Because it's dry, your sweat will evaporate before you may even be aware you are sweating so you are unaware how much body fluid you have lost. The other good thing about a lot of water is it helps with the altitude sickness symptoms as well.

Chapstick (or kiss women wearing lots of lipstick), sun block and a good skin lotion after an outing and before you go to bed at night. And wear a hat every day, all day! Wide brim is better and if you feel the sun on the back of your neck, turn up your shirt collar.

Dry nose is part of the dry weather. Try using something like neosporen, put it on a Q-tip and lubricate the inside of your nose each morning.
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