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Old 06-22-17, 01:54 PM   #1
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Question Info On Raven Fork C&R

Hello NGTO,

I have never actually gotten a chance to fish in Trophy Trout water and wanted to change that sometime this month With Dukes understandably being closed for the summer, I recently found out about Raven Fork's C&R Section in Cherokee and it seems like a great place to go for some above-average sized trout, while being surrounded by other amazing tribs and rivers. I have never been to NC, and therefore Raven Fork, so I was wondering if anyone was knowledgeable on the good sections to fish on the 2.2 miles C&R section? Also, I am assuming in terms of flies that the traditional junk flies like mops, squirmies, and y2k's would work on these larger than normal stocked fish, but if not please let me know what has worked for you. Any other tips such as Euro Nymphing vs Thingamabober vs dry dropper or river conditions are greatly appreciated. Please feel free to PM me instead of replying and thanks in advance for those who help! I will be sure to pay you back with a nice report on the trip and some good photos

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Old 06-22-17, 02:13 PM   #2
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It's all good water. Rivers Edge outfitters is right in town about a mile or so from the river trophy water. Give them a call for a real time stream report and any advice. Junk flies do work. A mop will produce, PT, HE. If you get no takes, downsize flies. As with every stream, use stealth, wear drab clothing, make sure you are getting a good drift before you change flies. I split between dry dropper and euro nymphing depending on the water. I would shy away from an indicator on low and clear water. Maybe a piece of NZ yarn, but if I'm going to do that, I want a hook in it so that's why I never use that because I'd rather fish a dry dropper. I almost fish size 18 PT and HE. I fish 6x fluoro tippet on every stream including this one. When the water is murky / muddy, I will upsize my tippet to 5x and use something like a leech and/or a squirmy. Try to get him/her in as soon as possible and make sure to get the fish plenty of time to revive its energy.
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Old 06-22-17, 02:28 PM   #3
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I'll second REO. My buddy Justin Hunt is one of the managers/guides, and he fishes the Raven fork "4-5 times a week" (his words). He gets people on great fish all the time, and is a super good dude.

I will be hitting the portion inside the park when I'm up there in a few weeks, it'll be my first time fishing that particular watershed.
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Old 06-23-17, 08:09 AM   #4
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I can attest to that REO will get you what you need to get on the fish in the trophy section. Also don't be afraid to downsize your tippet because the fish can be really spooky. I was using 6x most of the time I was fishing there. Also didn't seem to have any problems with having a strike indicator. I got this fish while using one. IMG_3409.jpg
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Old 06-23-17, 12:20 PM   #5
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Everyone's advise about River's Edge is spot on . The guy's know the water well. If you get tired of the C&R the park is only minutes away. There is a lot of close fairly easy access Brookie water. Shoot me a PM and I'll be glad to point you in the right direction.

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Old 06-27-17, 06:02 AM   #6
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Everyone is correct..those guys at Rivers Edge are awesome!
Haha..thanks for the kind words guys!

The previous posts are pretty much spot on. Junk works on the C&R..usually.
I probably wouldn't throw it right now. Water is gin clear and the fish are pretty spooky. Think small. Smaller flies. Smaller tippet. Smaller angler (aka stealth!).

We put some mean and nasty brook trout in the C&R and they have been crushing streamers. We have some absolute dirty streamers in the shop right now that those big fish just can't seem to resist. We put a brookie in that would probably flirt with breaking the NC state record; cool side not, the current record brook was also caught on the Ravens Fork nearly 40 years ago (i think..could be wrong. i usually am).

Stop by and see us at the shop..shoot me an email..or message me here for any questions, etc..

We really appreciate the support guys!

my email:
Joey Walraven
River's Edge Outfitters
Cherokee, NC
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