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Old 07-04-18, 07:42 PM   #11
WesMac's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2016
Location: Cleveland, Ga
Posts: 174

Congrats man! Thatís freaking awesome what a trophy of a native fish.
Iím still searching for a 12Ē speck myself I hope I can get one eventually.
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Old 07-04-18, 07:50 PM   #12
Native, formerly known as "Streamside Sam"
3-wt's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2014
Location: Buford, Ga.
Posts: 391

Wow! 12"+ with a solid mid-section. Very rare, indeed. That's one you'll always remember, for sure. Kyle, congrats on an epic fish; it doesn't get better than that. Great post also.
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Old 07-04-18, 09:04 PM   #13
terry creech
Director, Hall of Fame Member
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Location: Bremen
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Beautiful fish.
AKA oldandtreacherous
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Old 07-04-18, 10:41 PM   #14
ferrulewax's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: Cleveland, Ga
Posts: 615

Fish of a lifetime. One that size has always been on my bucket list.
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Old 07-05-18, 05:55 AM   #15
erikclymore's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2016
Location: Loganville
Posts: 398

Congratulations on an epic brook!
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Old 07-05-18, 07:52 AM   #16
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Atlanta, GA
Posts: 57

Beautiful! Congrats, Kyle! That is one hell of a fish. Mounting it?
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Old 07-05-18, 11:01 AM   #17
Join Date: Feb 2016
Posts: 107

Think of all the seasons fished, pools explored, creeks waded, trails hiked, topo maps scrutinized that went into that one fish ... WOW. The wilderness offers its finest rewards to the most patient people. Well done, sir.

There's often the question of keep or toss back (I almost always toss back, but there are definitely times when it 'feels right' to keep and cook) but that is one old fish who avoided a lot of lures and baits over the years - feels like the right thing to have taken him with you. That's a great fish to enjoy for the rest of the slow season.
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Old 07-05-18, 03:11 PM   #18
Ex-President, Victim of the Cajun Rebellion
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Join Date: Jan 1999
Posts: 5,928

K2 - great fish and story, you earned that old timer!

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Old 07-05-18, 10:31 PM   #19
Killer Kyle
Killer Kyle's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: The Hills
Posts: 468

Thanks for the kind words fellas. To answer the question, this trout was destined for the table, and not the taxidermist. I am scrounging pennies right now and trying to save $ for a new truck. On the issue of keeping the trout, my keeping it was strictly pragmatic. I just knew I had to put a tape on it. Otherwise, it'd have been nice to let it go. This trout was an old soldier. Who knows what lures, flies, and bait he had seen. Who knows if or how many times he had been caught before. This might very well have been a fish that one of you all caught before and released in the past. Who knows?!?!i I release 99% of the specks I catch on that creek, and I fish it avidly. It might have been one that I released once or twice before in the many years I have fished it. I would like to have let a SPECIMINS like that swim away. Had my tape been in my pack, that would have been the case. I'll keep any ol' speck on occasion, but I'd be tickled to let an old war horse like that swim away.
Buckman and many others urged me to mount it. I did consider it. I guess I'll resolve to mount the next biggun I catch. I'm shooting for 13" now. Might take me another 8 years, but if a 13incher gets the hook sometime around the year 2025, it is going in the wall.
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Old 07-05-18, 11:01 PM   #20
orey10m's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2015
Posts: 444

Aslan was with you in the woods! Great fish man. Really unbelievable

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